Orchestrating Disruption

Are YOU a “5%er”?

A 5%er lives by Alois Digital’s core values, is an entrepreneur at heart, gets results when others can’t, sees opportunities when other don’t…  A Alois Digital 5%er is more then an “A Player” though, he/she is the statistical cream of the crop, opportunistic, creative, and not afraid to ‘push back’.

As a result of our people’s 5%er efforts, we reward them well – that comes in the form of compensation, being heard, and being given opportunities for career growth. It takes a 5%er leadership to gain the respect of this crew. As a result, Alois Digital’s Leadership are always firing on all cylinders. Working in a culture such as this, expects you to bring your best game to work every day.
If you believe that you have what it takes, Alois Digital has opportunities for those interested in either Full-time (W2) or Corp to Corp (C2C) or Contract to Hire (C2H) arrangements.

Current Openings

  1. Practice Area Leaders - Sales & Delivery (Partners)
  2. Digital Project Managers (Directors)
  3. ArtificIal Intelligence Leads (Senior Managers)
  4. ArtificIal Intelligence Senior Consultants (Managers)
  5. Big Data & Analytics Leads (Senior Managers)
  6. Big Data & Analytics Senior Consultants (Managers)
  7. Internet of Things Leads (Senior Managers)
  8. Internet of Things Senior Consultants (Managers)
  9. Cloud Services Leads (Senior Managers)
  10. Cloud Services Senior Consultants (Managers)
  11. B2B/B2C eCommerce (SAP Hybris) Leads (Senior Managers)
  12. B2B/B2C eCommerce (SAP Hybris) Senior Consultants (Managers)